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Starting a new business should be affordable!

Let’s face it, we all could use a little extra income in today’s economy. It is becoming more difficult to make ends meet with one stream of income. Dash Tax & Business Solutions understands the difficulties most individuals face when starting a new career or business. That’s why we’ve made it simple and affordable to begin your journey as a Tax Professional. 

No EFIN? No problem! You can start your own tax preparation business with bank products using our cloud-based software, using our EFIN Numbers.

You can begin your journey for $349  with our Beginner Partner Package. The price of this package also includes the cost of your background check.

This package is designed for those new to the tax industry. It is also designed with profitability in mind. The revenue split is 80/20 and a PTIN is required. 

And best of all, prepare just 100 returns with bank products to qualify for FREE Software for the next season. That’s right… After preparing client returns with bank products attached, you will qualify for FREE Software for the next tax season! 

We also make it affordable to add additional preparers to your growing tax business. We offer additional licenses for any preparers you add to your office for an additional $99, which also includes the cost of the background check. A PTIN Number is also required for additional preparers.

Interested in offering credit repair services to your clients? Dash Tax & Business Solutions has made it easy to add an additional stream of income to your tax preparation business. Click the button below to learn how you can have a multi-revenue-stream business for one package price.



Dash Tax & Business Solutions offer a variety of personal and small business services to assist you in achieving your professional and financial goals.

Tax preparation

  • No out of pocket fees
  • Refund advances up to $6000
  • Convenient virtual appointments.
  • Individual & small business returns

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Payroll services

Dash Tax & Business Solutions offers a full-featured online payroll system for your business.

Our payroll system allows you to enter payroll, process and file payroll taxes in just a simple steps- anytime, anywhere.

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credit repair

We offer an affordable credit repair solution providing detailed results through your personalized client portal. No cookie cutter credit repair here! We customize your services to your needs. Stop paying for services you don’t need. 

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Tax service bureau

Start a tax preparation business with training provided. Our cloud-based software package, equipped with bank products such as Refund Transfer is perfect for anyone looking for a software solution and those looking to join the lucrative tax industry.

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