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Certified Business Formation Documents

Obtain an official copy of your incorporation or other state-filed document.

Official copy of state-filed documents

Business owners may encounter situations where a Certified Copy of their incorporation documents or qualification documents, if the company has registered to transact business in other states, may be required. Additionally, in our busy lives today, it is relatively easy to lose or misplace important documents. Requesting a Certified Copy provides another true copy of your state-filed documents to keep with your company records.

Why it’s important

A Certified Copy is a true, exact copy of your company’s incorporation or other state-filed document, as issued by the state and is often used for the following purposes:

  • Replace a lost or misplaced original. It’s critical to keep the original of your formation documents or any other state-filed document with your company records. If the originals are ever lost or misplaced, be sure to request a Certified Copy from the state of formation or qualification.
  • Provide additional proof of authenticity. Many states allow for electronic and/or fax filing of documents. Consequently, the state-approved documents may not look “as official” as you think they should (even though they are official). Having a certified copy sometimes makes business owners feel there’s additional proof of authenticity.
  • Open a bank account. A Certified Copy of your company’s formation documents is often needed in order to open a bank account.
  • Foreign qualification. A Certified Copy or a Certificate of Good Standing are typically required in order to register your company to transact business in another state (foreign qualify).

Frequently Asked Questions on Certified Documents

See important questions and answers on certified documents:

What is a Certified Copy?

A Certified Copy is a true and exact copy of your company’s incorporation documents or foreign qualification documents issued by the state of formation or foreign qualification.

How soon can I expect to receive my Certified Copy and how will it be shipped?

When a Certified Copy is included in or added to one of our incorporation service packages, there are certain cases when we ship the Certified Copy separate from your state-approved incorporation documents. This is typically dependent on the state’s process for issuing Certified Copies. In these cases, the document will be shipped by UPS overnight if you purchased our Complete Incorporation Service or you added a Certified Copy and overnight shipping to the Standard or Basic Incorporation Services. For Standard and Basic Incorporation Services where overnight shipping is not selected, the Certified Copy will arrive via standard US Mail.

Please note, Certified Copies ordered as stand-alone items (not with one of our incorporation service packages), may take up to 4-6 weeks to obtain from the state.

What does a Certified Copy look like?

Many states allow for fax filing of the incorporation documents. In these cases, the incorporation documents are submitted to the state via fax and the state returns the state-approved Articles of Incorporation (for corporations) or Articles of Organization (for LLCs) to us by fax. Fax-filed incorporation documents often look different than if the incorporation documents were returned by mail. Because of this, some people think that a Certified Copy of fax-filed documents doesn’t look as official, but it is the certified, true copy.

Is there a limit to the number of Certified Copies that can be obtained on behalf of my company?

No, there is no limit to the number of Certified Copies that can be obtained for your company.

Key Benefits

There is no limit placed by states on when a business owner can request a Certified Copy. Even if you incorporated your business 10+ years ago, you can obtain a Certified Copy of your incorporation documents.

Keep in Mind

For companies which are incorporated in the United States but with owners who do not live in the US, a Certified Copy with gold seal or apostillized copy of the incorporation documents may be required to open a bank account in the owners’ home country. Dash Tax & Business Solutions’  can also obtain an Apostille or Certified Copy with gold seal.

Additional information

Certified Copy State Fees

Alabama INC, Alabama LLC, Alabama NP, Alabama LP, Alabama LLP, Alaska, Arizona INC, Arizona LLC, Arizona NP, Arizona LP, Arizona LLP, Arkansas, California INC, California LLC, California NP, California LP, California LLP, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C. INC, D.C LLC, D.C. NP, D.C. LP, D.C. LLP, Delaware, Florida INC, Florida LLC, Florida NP, Florida LP, Florida LLP, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas INC, Kansas LLC, Kansas NP, Kansas LP, Kansas LLP, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine INC, Maine LLC, Maine NP, Maine LP, Maine LLP, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan INC, Michigan LLC, Michigan NP, Michigan LP, Michigan LLP, Minnesota INC, Minnesota LLC, Minnesota NP, Minnesota LP, Minnesota LLP, Mississippi INC, Mississippi LLC, Mississippi NP, Mississippi LP, Mississippi LLP, Missouri, Montana INC, Montana LLC, Montana NP, Montana LP, Montana LLP, Nebraska, Nevada INC, Nevada LLC, Nevada NP, Nevada LP, Nevada LLP, New Hampshire INC, New Hampshire LLC, New Hampshire NP, New Hampshire LP, New Hampshire LLP, New Jersey INC, New Jersey LLC, New Jersey NP, New Jersey LP, New Jersey LLP, New Mexico INC, New Mexico LLC, New Mexico NP, New Mexico LP, New Mexico LLP, New York, North Carolina INC, North Carolina LLC, North Carolina NP, North Carolina LP, North Carolina LLP, North Dakota INC, North Dakota LLC, North Dakota NP, North Dakota LP, North Dakota LLP, Ohio, Oklahoma INC, Oklahoma LLC, Oklahoma NP, Oklahoma LP, Oklahoma LLP, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island INC, Rhode Island LLC, Rhode Island NP, Rhode Island LP, Rhode Island LLP, South Carolina INC, South Carolina LLC, South Carolina NP, South Carolina LP, South Carolina LLP, South Dakota INC, South Dakota LLC, South Dakota NP, South Dakota LP, South Dakota LLP, Tennessee INC, Tennessee LLC, Tennessee NP, Tennessee LP, Tennessee LLP, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia INC, Virginia LLC, Virginia NP, Virginia LP, Virginia LLP, Washington INC, Washington LLC, Washington NP, Washington LP, Washington LLP, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming INC, Wyoming LLC, Wyoming NP, Wyoming LP, Wyoming LLP


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