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Business Dissolution Filing Service

File the documents necessary to end your business

Dissolution Filing Service includes:

  • Prep & filing of the Articles of Dissolution
  • Shipping of the completed documents to you

Business dissolution

Regrettably, not all businesses succeed to the level their owners might have once hoped. Dissolution can be caused in many ways, including the failure to file annual reports or pay certain taxes in the state of incorporation, bankruptcy, or voluntary dissolution by business owners.

How it Works

You provide some simple information, and we do the rest. Dash Tax & Business Solutions will:

  • Prepare and quality check your filing to ensure it meets all state requirements – if it doesn’t, we will contact you immediately*
  • Process your payment
  • Request your signature on the pre-prepared dissolution documents
  • Submit your signed documents to the state – we also offer expediting service if you need it faster
  • Deliver a digital copy of the state-approved dissolution documents within your BizComply Status Center
  • Ship your official dissolution documents through FedEx with your tracking number posted within your BizComply Status Center

*Note: Certain states may require tax clearance (proof that taxes have been paid) which may lengthen the processing of your dissolution. We will let you know if your state requires it.

Why it’s important

If your company is ceasing operations or is no longer in business, filing Articles of Dissolution legally ends your company’s existence in your state of incorporation or in your state of qualification, if you had registered to transact business in another state (foreign qualified).

Companies incorporated or foreign qualified in a state face annual report and taxation requirements in that state. Unless the state knows your company is no longer in existence, those obligations will continue. Typically late fees and penalties will continue to accumulate. Dissolving your business with the state will end these obligations.

Key Benefits

When a business is ceasing operations, the owners typically have a lot on their minds and additional steps to take. Let us handle the process of ending your business with the state, so you can concentrate on other requirements.

Keep in Mind

There are other steps that should be taken as a company is ending operations, including filing necessary federal, state, and local tax forms and notifying creditors.

Additional information

Dissolution State Fees

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona INC, Arizona LLC, Arizona NP, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, D.C INC, D.C. LLC, D.C. NP, Delaware INC, Delaware LLC, Delaware NP, Florida INC, Florida LLC, Florida NP, Georgia, Hawaii INC, Hawaii LLC, Hawaii NP, Idaho, Illinois INC, Illinois LLC, Illinois NP, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas INC, Kansas LLC, Kansas NP, Kentucky INC, Kentucky LLC, Kentucky NP, Louisiana INC, Louisiana LLC, Louisiana NP, Maine INC, Maine LLC, Maine NP, Maryland, Massachusetts INC, Massachusetts LLC, Massachusetts NP, Michigan, Minnesota INC, Minnesota LLC, Minnesota NP, Mississippi INC, Mississippi LLC, Mississippi NP, Missouri INC, Missouri LLC, Missouri NP, Montana, Nebraska INC, Nebraska LLC, Nebraska NP, Nevada INC, Nevada LLC, Nevada NP, New Hampshire INC, New Hampshire LLC, New Hampshire NP, New Jersey INC, New Jersey LLC, New Jersey NP, New Mexico INC, New Mexico LLC, New Mexico NP, New York INC, New York LLC, New York NP, North Carolina INC, North Carolina LLC, North Carolina NP, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma INC, Oklahoma LLC, Oklahoma NP, Oregon INC, Oregon LLC, Oregon NP, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island INC, Rhode Island LLC, Rhode Island NP, South Carolina, South Dakota INC, South Dakota LLC, South Dakota NP, Tennessee, Texas INC, Texas LLC, Texas NP, Utah, Vermont INC, Vermont LLC, Vermont NP, Virginia INC, Virginia LLC, Virginia NP, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin INC, Wisconsin LLC, Wisconsin NP, Wyoming INC, Wyoming LLC, Wyoming NP


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