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The tax business is a $200 billion dollar industry. Why not take a chance on yourself by pursuing your share of this multi-billion dollar industry? Why continue working for someone else, making only a fraction of your worth, when you can start your very own lucrative business right from the comfort of your own home? Dash Tax & Business Solutions makes it easy and affordable to begin working for yourself as a Professional Tax Preparer. 

Our intuitive software is designed by the same software developers that create software for the Internal Revenue Service's consumer side tax return preparation via IRS.GOV. Meaning, DTBS Software is always  accurate and IRS compliant. Don't take our word for it...test drive DTBS Software for yourself. Simply click here to set up your evaluation account to explore our awesome software features for yourself.



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Document Manager

Run a virtually paperless tax office by scanning and uploading important client files to their document management portal. Upload important documents such as W-2s, 1099s, and receipts for fast and efficient tax preparation.

Individual & Corporate Return Forms

Our professional tax preparation software includes both individual and corporate return forms. Handle any type of client with one software package.

Quick Estimator

This awesome tool allows Tax Professionals to give clients an estimate on their refund amount in minutes. Client data can be used to start the client return or saved for completion later. The choice is yours.


Quickly and easily capture taxpayer signature on all required forms with our E-Signature feature. There's no sign-pad required with remote signature option supported.

Taxpayer Portal

The taxpayer portal is a user-friendly, secure way to stay connected to your client without leaving your office. Taxpayers can view and print their returns and so much more.

K-1 Import

Reduce manual data entry errors with this quick and easy tool. Save valuable time by importing K-1 information directly into the taxpayer's return.

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There's a software package to suit every tax office needs.

Software Package Features

  • Unlimited 1040/1040 NR Returns
  • All States
  • Business Return Forms
  • Multi-User Management
  • K-1 Import
  • Quick Estimator
  • Business MeF Software
  • Mobile App
  • Client Organizer
  • Client Manager
  • Free Vacation Vouchers For Client Retention
  • Set Your Own Prep Fees ($250 Minimum)
  • Document Manager
  • Taxpayer Portal
  • Remote Signature
  • Bank Products such as Refund Advance Loans up to $6000
  • All Business States
  • Interview & Direct Input Modes
  • Bonus 300 Customized Social Media Posts (Marketing)
  • Software Training
  • Tax Preparation Course
  • Competitive Backend Fees
  • Bonus Business Capital Funding Agency Ownership
  • Preparation Fee Limit of $1350
  • EFIN Holders Qualify For FREE Software
Pricing Plans

Choose The Plan That Fits Your Budget

Solo Package

  • $100 Fee Per Return
  • PTIN Required
  • Returns Reviewed For Compliance
  • Background Check
  • Unlimited E-Filing

Professional Package

  • $100 Fee Per Return
  • PTIN Required
  • Returns Reviewed For Compliance
  • 5 Additional Users
  • Unlimited E-Filing
  • Background Check

Expert Package

  • $100 Fee Per Return
  • PTIN Required
  • Returns Reviewed For Compliance
  • Unlimited E-Filing
  • Background Check
  • 10 Additional Users
  • Add up to $20 to Audit Defense Price (Rebates Issued in June)


You may qualify to receive our professional software suite for FREE.  Earn more revenue for your tax office with Service Bureau Fees and more.. Terms and conditions apply. Visit EFIN Holders Package for more information.